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We are proud of our guys - come on in and meet them!

Isr. JCh. Isr.Ch. Churchoak Tattler

Isr. JCh. Isr.Ch. Talking Point of Netiv HaAyit

Living in Germany:

Isr.Ch. Gold Digger of Netiv HaAyit

Diamond Sky of Netiv HaAyit

Living With Friends:

Isr.Ch. Argent As Good As It Gets

Isr.Ch. Go For The Gold of Netiv HaAyit

Rainbow Bridge:

Int.Irish Isr. Cyp. Ch., EuroW 2001 Lowerpark Maharajah

Isr.Ch. Casanova of Netiv HaAyit

Shawn of Netiv HaAyit

Blue Chip of Netiv HaAyit

Int.Isr.Ch. Don Juan of Netiv HaAyit


With Friends:

McMaur's Evening Attire

Rainbow Bridge:

Int.Isr.Ch.GCh. Windstorm of Netiv HaAyit

Int.Isr.Ch. Silver Spirit of Netiv HaAyit