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We are proud to be part of the Alzheimer's Aid Dogs project.  Please take a look at the project website, and see what else our wonderful collies are able to do.

We also breed Canaan Dogs - you might enjoy seeing our site:

Shaar Hagai Kennels

Many of the photos on our sites were taken by our friend Yigal Pardo, animal photographer.  You will enjoy looking at his site.

Yigal Pardo

The website of the Israel Herding Dogs Club:

Enjoy these great collie sites!

Our friends at Kings Valley Collies

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Collie Revue

Collie Seasons

International Collie Society

Wizard's Castle - collie breeders and data base

Collie Net

Collie World

Of general interest to all dog lovers:
For anyone travelling to Greece with a dog, for showing or for vacation, we highly recommend
He can pick you up at the airport, and drive you and your dog anywhere, with excellent service and a friendly smile.
His website also has a list of hotels in Greece that accept dogs.

My Pets: The complete guide to choosing and caring for your pet. Pet names, pet care, pet information, help choosing a pet and more.  Markout wraps help stop the male dog that marks in your house! An effective way to eliminate your male dog's problem behavior. Effective for all breeds!  We are Tucson, Az  first air conditioned, indoor training facility. Offering obedience training, private lessons, agility, flyball and more!

The Pet Professor:  Lots of information about dogs - training, feeding, behavior, breeds, photos and more - and other pets.
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