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Sharav is a wild born dog, about a year and a half in age, who has been living wild in the vicinity of Arad, a town in the Negev desert. He has been seen there since he was a large puppy, first running with his parents who were accompanying a Bedouin herd, and then remained on his own.
After some months of trying, he was tranquilized and caught for me, and has been adjusting to domestic life since June 2007.  I think that overall, he has found it a good thing!  He is quite willing to be touched and is learning to walk on a lead (not his favorite thing), and other things a civilized dog needs to know.
He will be test bred later in the year. We are hoping he will be a valuable addition to the breeding program here - he excells in body type and structure, head type, ear set, expression - we are hoping he will pass this on.




Sharav doesn't like having his photo taken - that big camera pointing  for him is something threatening. These are the best we could do so far, there will be more photos as he settles in and discovers that life is no longer threatening.