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Two New Litters!!!!

Born Oct. 30, 2017:
Sire: Yoresh me Naot HaKikar ("Calimero")
Dam: Or Rishon me Shaar Hagai ("Shauna")

6 puppies, 3 red females, 2 red males, 1 white and cream male

Born Oct. 31, 2017:
Sire: Yoresh me Neot HaKikar ("Calimero")
Dam: Nosaat el Velikayas me Shaar Hagai ("Ziva David")

7 puppies, 3 white and black males, 2 black males, 2 black females

All the pups are big, fat and very active. We expect them to be great prospects for show, breeding, and sport. Inquiries welcome.

New Litter, born April 23, 2017

The Super Seven - five boys and two girls

Sire: Velikaya's Ish HaShaket

Dam: Isr.Ch. Briza me Shaar Hagai

This litter incorporates some quite rare desert lines, and is fourth generation, so registerable in all countries.
The sire is a young dog from excellent background, and the dam, as well as being a champion herself, has produced outstanding pups from previous litters.
Two pups from this litter are still available.

Puppy photos

We are pleased to announce a 100% desert litter, born February 20, 2013.
Sire: Tsuk al Kashhar
Dam:  Bat Midbar me Dibaan (Janey)
We have great hopes for these puppies, and the introduction of some new bloodlines to the gene pool.
Photos of the puppies at 8 weeks:
Janey's story:

A few outstanding puppies are still available from our two very successful 2010 litters, Ch. Chabib de Solemel x Isr.Lux.Ch. Lilo me Shaar Hagai, born Nov. 23, 2010, and Ch. Chabib de Solemel x Isr.Ch. Domino, born Dec. 31, 2010.  Super temperaments and definitely show and preformance prospects.
Many more photos of the puppies are on my Facebook profile page.


Above: Domino daughter, Lilo son
Domino son

December 15, 2010
We are happy to announce our new litter, born November 23, 2010.   This is a repeat breeding of the very successful litter from last year of:
We expect these puppies to be excellent show and performance prospects.
3 cream females, 1 cream male
See photos here


October  23, 2010:
Take a look at the photos of the super litter we have, born August 21, 2010.
These puppies are outstanding, and especially in temperament.  Several of them will soon be travelling abroad to new homes.
One male from this litter is still available.

Our first 2 litters for 2010!!!!
Born January 20, 2010 - one black male, one cream female.
This litter introduces a completely new bloodline through the sire, and is 3/4 Bedouin.  At seven weeks, they are beautiful, and have outstanding temperaments.  They will be staying here for now, for show and breeding.




Born January 22, 2010 -
This gorgeous puppy looks very much like his famous sire, and has that same wonderful expression.  He has a super temperament, self confident, friendly, fearless, and strong play drive, and should be great for both show and performance. This stunning puppy is still available - I would love to keep him, but too many dogs...




Two new litters:
February 11, 2009 - Multi Ch.Zik x Isr.Lux.Ch. Lilo me Shaar Hagai  - 4 males, 4 females, all creams and light reds.
February 17, 2009 - Int.Isr.Ch. Shaked me Shaar Hagai x Isr.Ch. Domino - one cream male, one black with white male, one cream female, one red female, one black with white female.
More details soon.

August 12, 2008 : 8 puppies, 3 cream males and 5 cream females -  Sharav me Arad (wild born) x Isr.Ch. Neshika Tzarfatit me Shaar Hagai.  This is a completely new bloodline on the sire's side.
See the puppies here.
August 15, 2008:  2 puppies, 1 red male and one cream and white female.  Isr.Fr.Lux.Swed.Ch. U'Nes HaBedouim de Solemel x Atalef me Shaar Hagai.  This litter also has a completely new bloodline on the side of the dam.
We have done a breeding and expect a litter in early November with another completely new bloodline - watch for details.

January 27, 2008 - 9(!!!) beautiful pups, 4 boys and 5 girls -
V'Makole de Solemel x Isr.Lux.Ch. Lilo me Shaar Hagai.

Puppies - October  26, 2007 - Isr.Ch. Shaked me Shaar Hagai x Israel Ch. Domino (2 x CAC)
1 black with white male, one cream male, one black with white female, one cream female, one red female.
Sorry, all these puppies are spoken for.
Next planned litter will be in the spring.







February 16, 2007
These two litters have produced some really lovely pups with excellent temperaments.  A few of these charming and active pups are still available to suitable homes. Contact me for details!

Two new litters, born November 3, 2006 -
September 5, 2006:
1 Cream female - sold
1 Black with white male - sold
1 Red and white male
1 White with pale cream male
1 Beige male
1 Red male with white
These super pups excel in temperament as well!


August 28, 2006 -
4 Cream females, 4 Cream males
This is proving to be an exceptional litter. Puppies from this litter will be representing Shaar Hagai in the US, France, Germany and Czechoslovakia, as well as in Israel.  These puppies are very bold, outgoing, full of confidence, and highly responsive - we are sure you will be hearing a lot more about them!
One cream male is still available.
See photos of these lovely pups - Puppy Gallery

Pure Bedouin litter!!!
Born June 4, 2006 -
Sire: Bayud Bedoui me Tel Arad
Dam: Salima al Kashhar
8 puppies - 5 females and 3 males, all solid colors with flashy white markings.
This litter has been in the planning for two years, and we are very pleased with the results.
Photos soon.


Born August 17, 2005:  a litter sired by Sahar  out of Israel Ch. Domino.  This is a fourth generation litter with a line to Pereh me Nachal Yealim.  Red with white male and black with white male.
Born June 14, 2005 - a litter with double Bedouin lines,
Sire: near Ch. Dingo Lavan me Shaar Hagai
This is a full pedigree litter with lines to Bayud and Pereh. Inquiries are welcome.

Pandora pups six weeks

New litters!
December 23, 2004 -
"Pandora" returned from her visit to France with a new title, French Champion, and in whelp to a charming French gentleman, U'Nes HaBedouim de Solemel
The result is six gorgeous pups, three males and three females, all in various shades of cream.
January 22, 2005 -
A birthday surprise for me - five lovely puppies, two males and three females, some spotted brown and white and some solid,
sired by Sahar and out of Sher.

New for 2004!
May 4, 2004 -
2 females and 3 males, all cream.  Two males still available
May 12, 2004 -
2 black with white males, one cream male, one black with white female.
May 15, 2004 -
2 cream females
June 18, 2004 - two cream males, one red female, one cream and white spotted female, one red and white spotted female -
January 27 - 3 cream females, 1 cream male

Oct. 3, 2003 - 4 cream females, one cream male, two red and white spotted males,
Sire:  Pereh me Nachal Yealim, Bedouin bred, totally new bloodline.

New litters!
Born June 22, 2003 - two females and one male, Sahar ex Toffee
Born July 6, 2003 - four females and three males, Sahar ex Pandora

Five of these puppies have left Israel for new homes in the US - we wish the best to Abby, Naomi, Tikva, Uzi, and Casey and their new owners.  Gillie is joining Isabella Zirri, Velikaya's Kennels, in Italy. The others are happily settled in their new homes here in Israel.  We hope that some of them will be making their mark at the shows in the future, as well as being loved pets.