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Congratulations to:
Halvah me Shaar Hagai, (Briza x Zik), starting off her show career with three times Best Puppy In Breed.

Huge Congratulations to -
Libi Metuka me Shaar Hagai, who received her RN and TD titles before two years of age.
Orela me Shaar Hagai - winner of titles Ch., RN, NA, OAJ
BOB at Westminster 2011 - Ch. Pleasant Hill Magnum of Samara, a son of Ch. Lahat me Shaar Hagai

Habibi is now an Israel Champion!

Nov. 8, 2008 - Zik is now an Israel Champion.

October 5, 2008 - Zik wins new titles in Budapest:
European Winner 2008
Hungarian Champion


We are proud to announce that Zik is World Winner 2008, and BOB at the SSUK and Urcanis specialty shows in Stockholm, Sweden, July 2008.  He is now at home at Shaar Hagai.

Shaked wins his final CACIB to become an International Champion.

January 2008:
Kiss becomes Israel Ch.
Shaked gets another CACIB.
Meet our new addition Chabibi
New puppies - Lilo x V'Makole de Solemel - 9 fat and healthy pups born January 27, 2008

Shaked goes international!  We travelled to Greece to attend two international shows on Oct. 6 and 7, 2007. Shaked was a pleasure to travel with, a true gentleman at all times - as well as winning two CACIBs, two Greek CACs, and two BOBs, as well as going Group 4 at one of the shows. What a great holiday!
Updates November 2, 2007:
New photos for Atalef, Sharav, Shaked, Kiss (Neshika Tzarfatit)

Introducing our new wild born boy, Sharav me Arad!

More wins!
Isr.Ch. Shaked me Shaar Hagai - CACIB and BOB, shortlisted in the group - Maayan Harod International Show, Sept. 8, 2007.
Zik and Lilo are now Luxembourg Chs.
Domino now has 2 CACs, and CACIB.
Ezrach me Shaar Hagai in the US is now UKC Ch.
Way to go, guys!

New Champions!
Fr.Lux.Pol.Gil me Shaar Hagai is now Israel and International Ch.
Congratulations to their owner, Laurence Aries.
World Youth Ch. Zik is now French Ch.
Shaked me Shaar Hagai is now Israel Ch.
Kapriza me Shaar Hagai is now Israel Ch.
Beshert me Shaar Hagai is now AKC Ch. - congratulations to her owner Carole Grider.

World Dog Show, Poznan, Poland 9/11/06
From a large entry of quality dogs, we are proud to congratulate the winners!
World Winner 2006, Polish Champion, BOB - Int.Fr.B.Lux.Ch Ugo du Granit Noir 
We are proud of this descendent of Shaar Hagai dogs.
World Winner 2006, Polish Champion, BOS - Fr.Lux.Ch. Lili me Shaar Hagai
Lili is in Israel now to go for her Israel Ch.
Zik's behavior in the confusion of such an enormous show was exceptional, and we are really proud of him. He is currently in France to visit more shows and show off his quality.
Exc.1, Champion Class, Polish Ch. - Int.Isr.Fr.Lux.Ch. Sufat Hol me Shaar Hagai
Exc.1, CAC, Polish Champion - Fr.Ch. Gil me Shaar Hagai
Gil is also back at Shaar Hagai to complete his Isr.Ch.
We congratulate all the Canaans that were in Poland for being such wonderful representatives of the breed.  Not everyone can win, but all were worthy!

Israel Spitz Club show, December 17, 2005, Judge: Ms. Yolanda Magal
Exc. 1, Best Junior in Breed, 2nd Best Junior in Show, BB, BOB, 3rd Best In Show!!!! - Israel Ch. Neshika Tzarfatit me Shaar Hagai
Exc. 1, Best Dog, BOS - Shaked me Shaar Hagai

Israel Spitz Club show, October 29, 2005:
Judge: Matti Tuominen, Finland:
BOB, 3rd Best in Show - Ch. Sahar me Shaar Hagai
BOS, CAC - Lilo me Shaar Hagai
Best Junior in Breed, Best Junior in Show - Neshika Tzarfatit me Shaar Hagai
Best Puppy in Breed:  Zik

September 24, 2005 - Maayan Harod International Show -
Pandora - CACIB, BOB, Group 2, to complete her International Ch. title (pending FCI confirmation)!
Sahar - CACIB, BOS, to complete his International Ch. title (pending FCI confirmation)!

July 15, 2005 - Dingo finishes his Israel Ch.!

Domino going Best Junior in Show

Spitz club show, Feb. 12, 2005, judge: Mr. Skip Stanbridge of Canada
BOB and Best Junior in Show:  Israel Ch. Domino
BOS - Sahar
Pandora is home now, having completed her French Championship and gained additional CACIBs.  She has a litter, born Dec. 23, sired by a French charmer, U'Nes HaBedouim de Solemel.
Sufat is back home in France after having gained her Israel Champion title, and is nursing a litter sired by Bayud.
Sher has new puppies by Sahar which are looking very promising.
A number of these puppies will be travelling abroad when they are old enough - you will be seeing them at the shows!

July 24, 2004:
There has been much happening in the last months, both good and bad. 
The good:  lots of lovely puppies, a few staying here, and the others all going to wonderful homes both in Israel and abroad.  The breed is gaining more and more fans, and there are not enough puppies to go around.  Please be patient!  They are worth waiting for! And take a look at the details of the youngsters that are staying here.
Pandora and Sisi are presently in France with my good friend Laurence Aries, to go to some shows, and to come back in the future bred.  Laurence's wonderful bitch, Sufat Hol me Shaar Hagai, is here with me to finish her Israel Ch. and to be bred to Bayud.
The bad: Evie has crossed the rainbow bridge.  She died defending her young pups from a huge viper, one of the biggest I have ever seen.  But she saved her pups and killed the snake.  She leaves behind a great legacy in her puppies.

Barak continues his winning ways!! -
Herding Group 1 - Sept. 21, 2003, Tri-City Kennel Club, Davenport, Iowa
                              Judge - Donald Booxbaum
Herding Group 2 -  April 27, 2003, Marshalltown, Iowa
Herding Group 2 -  April 12, 2003, Apple Valley, Mn

Sher (Gesher LeAtid) has her first CAC!  Spitz Club Specialty Show, July 18, 2003, judge Prof. Zeev Trainen.  Open Class Exc.1, BOS, CAC
and her second CAC - OpenExc. 1, BOS, CAC - Spitz Club Specialty Show, September 20, 2003, Judge Mr. Igor Selmovic, Croatia

In Memory -
May 17, 1988 - June 3, 2003

World Dog Show 2003, Dortmund, Germany -
Congratulations to Isabella Zirri -
World Champion and BOB, CAC, CACIB - Multi Ch. Velikaya's Shenef
Congratulations to Laurence Aries -
Vice World Winner, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB - French and Lux. Ch. Sufat Hol me Shaar Hagai
Junior World Champion - Babrees Desert Spirit
Congratulations to Lorna Hastings -
World Champion and BOS, CAC, CACIB - Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna

May 24, 2003, Israel Spitz Club Specialty Show
                        Judge: Mr. Avi Marshak, Israel
Isr.Ch. Velikaya's Shuvi HaBayta (Pandora) goes BOB and BEST IN SHOW!


and Timnat Sarah gets the CAC to complete her Israel Championship!

Maayan Harod International Show, April 5, 2003 -
CACIB, BOB - Jazz me Shaar Hagai
CAC, Res.CACIB - Israel Ch. Timnath Sarah

Crufts winners 2003
Both are pups of Layla me Shaar Hagai
We also are pleased to congratulate the other winners and placers, many of which are also Shaar Hagai descendents.

Inna Blayvas on her wins at the Spitz Club Show, Israel, March 15, 2003
Judge: Baron della Reina, Italy
CAC bitch - Kinnereth me Shaar Hagai


and Kinnereth's son -


and we are proud of our Pandora -