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Israel Canaan Dog

The Israel Canaan Dog


Myrna Shiboleth

Follow the exciting progress in breeding and showing Canaans throughout the world.  The breed has been successfully used for herding and in the service areas of patrol and guard dog. Included in this 2nd edition are the breed standards, much new information on breeders in the USA and abroad, and photos of current top winners  and producers.

SHIBOLETH is an expert on the breed.

This edition is now sold out; a few are still available on

A new edition is in the planning, with updates, additional information and new photos - keep an eye on this space to see when it will be available.


"Canaan Dog" - Hardcover Book by Lee Boyd and Victor Kaftal, this book is new in 2000 and contains over 50 full color photos.  It contains a breed description and information on breed history, health, requirements, selection, behavior, training and nutrition.  Especially helpful for new and prospective Canaan Dog owners. 
PRICE: $20.00
New book

Available from the Israel Canaan Dog Club of America

Many of the photos on this site are the work of our good friend and top animal photographer, Yigal Pardo.  Visit his site to see more of his work, at

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