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To our sorrow, Shachmat has crossed the rainbow bridge.  He has left a precious legacy behind in his many outstanding descendents.  We will never forget him and we will always miss him.
In Memory - May 17, 1988 - June 2, 2003


ISBR 51304

Born: May 17, 1988  


                                                                                                               Nadav me Shaar Hagai

                                                                            Shimshon me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 Bat Hol me Shaar Hagai

                                       Int.Isr.Ned.Ch.WW85-6-7-9 etc. Sirpad me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 Isr.Ch. Laish me Bnei HaBitachon

                                                                            Isr.Ch. Ayn HaArava me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 Smadar me Shaar Hagai

     Int.Isr.Ch.WW Shachmat me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 BenBar me Jericho

                                                                            Joshua Bar me Jericho

                                                                                                                 BatBar me Jericho

                                       Tehiya me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 Isr.Ch. Laish me Bnei HaBitachon

                                                                            Pisgat HaHar me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 Smadar me Shaar Hagai




Shachmat at 13 years of age, Best Veteran at the International Canaan Dog Specialty show


Shachmat with his best friend and favorite person, my daughter Dorcas.

Shachmat with our next generation, Dorcas' children

Shachmat has always been a housepet, guardian, and friend.  He loves the show ring and is always happy to show off, but shines as well in other things - he has been an obedience winner, has put on shows in schools, and gained many friends for the breed wherever he has gone.  Many in Israel and abroad know Shachmat!  At 15 years of age, he is still enjoying life and going strong. 
His wonderful characteristics have been handed down to his many winning children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and on....