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In Memory:  Evie died on May 26, 2004, defending her young puppies from a huge viper.  She succeeded in killing the snake before it could hurt her pups, but it managed to bite her and she didn't make it.  Her pups were adopted and raised by her kennel mate Toffee, and are a living legacy to this lovely bitch.


Evie is not very fond of the show ring, but her high quality resulted in her completing both Israel and International Championship.  I promised her that after she completed her titles she could stay home - so now she is enjoying life at Shaar Hagai.  She has produced some lovely puppies that are winning in various parts of the world.


ISBR 76606

Born:  October 5, 1997



                                                                                            Int.Isr.Ch.WW95-6 Lehitraot me Shaar Hagai

                                                              Isr.Ch. Koren me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Zohara me Shaar Hagai

                               Isr.Ch. Bazak me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Int.Isr.Ch.WW95-6 Lehitraot me Shaar Hagai

                                                              Yona me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Yafit me Shaar Hagai

    Int. Isr.Ch. Bein HaArbaim me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Int.Isr.Ned.Ch.WW85-6-7-9 etc. Sirpad me Shaar Hagai

                                                              Isr.Ch. Shavit me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Yafit me Shaar Hagai

                               Yael me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Sivan me Shaar Hagai

                                                              Zohara me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Drishat Shalom me Shaar Hagai





Evie's son Leo - Norwegian Ch. Lavie me Shaar Hagai
(sired by MultiCh. Barak me Shaar Hagai)