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   ISBR 503018

Born:  June 18, 1995




                                                              wild born


                               Kok me Shaar Hagai


                                                              wild born


    Isr.Ch. Toffee me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Int.Isr.Ned.Ch.WW85-6-7-9 etc. Sirpad me Shaar Hagai

                                                              Int.Isr.It.Ch.WW etc. Lahav me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Gali me Shaar hagai

                               Int.Isr.Ch.WW Bat me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                             Shimshon me Shaar Hagai

                                                              Mikah Beit Kuti

                                                                                             Holit Har Paz


Toffee is one of the cleverest of our bitches, always managing to manipulate things so that she gets her way.  She is friendly to visitors once she sees that they are welcome, but will defend her territory unhesitatingly from anyone who is unwelcome.  She is a marvelous mother, endlessly devoted to her puppies, and misses them terribly when they go to their new homes.  Not many Toffee puppies have had show careers, mostly because they have gone to people looking for wonderful home companions. Her offspring are bringing joy to many people in Israel and abroad.