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Judging the Canaan Dog

Tail:  Set high, thick brush carried curled over the back.


Excellent tail set and carriage, and a fine example of the true red color

A tail that is set correctly as the finish of a short and strong topline will also be carried correctly, curled well over the back.  A correct tail indicates both correct structure and strong temperament.  The correctly carried tail is carried curled over the back and should come past the topline; in some cases, the tail even forms close to a double curl.  Although the curl and a half is not ideal, it is preferable to a loose tail or sickle tail that doesnt reach the topline and is carried like a hound or trailing like a husky.  The curl may come over on the top of the back, or the lower part may come over a bit on one side of the flanks.


Incorrect tail carriage is caused by the tail being too low set.  The base of the tail should be set high on the croup with no dip from the topline to the tail.  A low set tail is often connected with an overly long back, or overangulated hindquarters. 

Tail insufficiently curled over the back

Insufficiently curled sickle tail, incorrect liver color

The tail is not merely an appendage set on as an afterthought.  It is an integral part of the dogs body constructions; an incorrect tail indicates other structural faults as well.


The tail carriage is also indicative of the dogs character.  A dog that carries his tail down and tucked is insecure and fearful, and these points should be considered when judging the dog.  The Canaan is a dog that is suspicious by nature and is not a dog that usually enjoys the crowds and commotion of the show ring, and can not be expected to carry his tail high at all times, but when moving we do prefer to see his tail carried over his back.


The tail must be well coated as described, a thick brush.  The hair on the tail should not be overly long, but thick as on the rest of the body.  Lack of coat on the tail is undesirable the tail is used in the desert to cover the nose when the dog curls up to sleep in the cold weather, and the thick coat helps to keep the nose and air warm.

Tail too loosely curled and too much to the side

Good tail set and carriage, but black saddle is undesirable