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April 2013 - Lilo is retired and enjoying life as much as ever, at nine years of age as active as a youngster and still welcoming our guests and disciplining puppies. 

January 2008 - Lilo is home from France, and nursing a new litter of 9 puppies, sired by the lovely young dog V'Makole de Solemel.  She is happy to be home, and we are thrilled to have her back.




After completing her Isr. Ch. and producing an outstanding litter of puppies, Lilo has taken time off to travel, appearing at the World Show 2006 in Poland, and currently going for her French Ch. title with our friend Laurence Aries.  We miss her, and eagerly await her return home when she has completed her title.




At 6 weeks


Israel Spitz Club Show, October 29, 2005, Judge: Matti Tuominen, Finland:  Exc.1, CAC

December 17, 2005, Spitz Club Specialty, Judge Ms. Yolanda Magal, Israel:
Open Class Exc.1, CAC

Lilo is my granddaughters special dog, her tenth birthday present at her own request.  Lilo is a very special friend and companion, but we expect that she will also be very special in the show ring and the whelping box in future.  Watch for her!
Lilo is a daughter of Pereh me Nachal Yealim and Ch. Velikayas Shuvi HaBayta.

At six months

 ISBR 95401

Born:  Jan. 27, 2004



                                                                           Ben Bedoui me Nachal Yealim


                                      Pereh me Nachal Yealim


                                                                           Bat Bedoui me Nachal Yealim


     Lilo me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                                 Multi Ch. Edom Beit Kuti

                                                                           Velikaya's Mitzav Ruach

                                                                                                                Int.Isr.Ch. Tehila me Shaar Hagai

                                      Isr. Ch. Velikaya's Shuvi HaBayta

                                                                                                                Multi Ch. Lahav me Shaar Hagai

                                                                           Multi Ch. Aliza Beit Kuti

                                                                                                                Reut me Shaar Hagai



With her best friend, Bar