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The future:

At 15 months. Photo Lorna Hastings

Luna is 3/4 outcross bloodlines.  The future of the breed depends on our ability to obtain and make use of these outside bloodlines, and Luna is one step on the road to this future.

 Born:  May 14, 2004



                                                                     Ben Bedoui me Nachal Yealim


                                   Pereh me Nachal Yealim


                                                                     Bat Bedoui me Nachal Yealim


     Luna me Shaar Hagai


                                                                     Kok me Shaar Hagai


                                   Isr.Ch.Toffee me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                       Int.Isr.It.Ch.WW etc. Lahav me Shaar Hagai

                                                                     Int.Isr.Ch.WW Bat me Shaar Hagai

                                                                                                       Mikah Beit Kuti