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Judging the Canaan Dog

Gait:  Quick, light and energetic trot.  Should demonstrate marked agility and stamina.  Correct movement is essential.


Excellent movement from the front

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Canaan is his effortless, ground-covering trot.  Contrary to many other breeds, where it is difficult to find good movers, with the Canaans it has been rare to find a dog that didnt move well.  Correct movement is, of course, a result of correct structure, and in the Canaan, correct functional movement has been essential to his survival.


The typical Canaan gait is a short, quick, light and agile trot, moving towards single tracking as the speed increases.  His movement should always appear powerful, agile, and effortless, with good reach and drive, and perfect balance between front and hind movement.  His topline should remain completely steady and level when moving. There should never be an impression of heaviness, sluggishness, or effort.  The Canaan does not move in a long loping stride; his gait is short and quick and he looks able to change directions instantly, to leap effortlessly over or on any obstacles in his path, and to keep going for hours without tiring.


A long bodied dog will be lacking in the effortlessly and smooth movement, often appearing to be disunited with front and hind legs moving out of synch with each other.  Lack of correct balance in angulation may cause gait faults such as pacing or overreaching. From the front and the rear, the movement of legs is parallel and straight forward, moving in under the center of gravity of the dog as the speed increases. Crossing, paddling, loose elbows, cowhocks, narrow movement are highly undesirable.


Correct gait is essential to this breed, and all faults resulting in poor movement should be penalized



Excellent movement from the side


Another example of correct movement


This bitch, very moderately angulated, is side winding while moving and her topline shows a rise over the croup

Left: at a fully extended run, this dog shows the typical power and grace of correct Canaan movement, and excellent reach and drive with a strong level topline.