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 Character:  Alert, quick to react, distrustful of strangers, strongly defensive but not naturally aggressive.  Vigilant not only against man but other animals as well.  Extraordinarily devoted and amenable to training.


It is essential to have a basic understanding of the character of the Canaan.  The Canaan is not a dog that is outgoing and friendly to everyone or willing and happy to be approached and petted by all.  The Canaan has survived because of his highly developed suspiciousness and his ability to react instantly to anything that may be considered danger.  This often results in the Canaan being a reluctant show dog. He does not like being outside of his own territory, especially in places with large numbers of other dogs and strange people, and he doesnt care to be handled by strangers.  Intelligent and trainable, he will learn to put up with this, but he doesnt usually enjoy it.  The may result in him being reluctant to put his tail up in the show ring, and at times backing away when approached by a strange judge.  He may also show a startle reaction at unusual or sudden noises, movements or occurrences.  If given a moment to look over the situation, and to take a look at the human approaching him, the well socialized and well trained Canaan will settle and behave with dignity, honoring his human master with his agreement to put up with all of this nonsense if his master really wants him to.  It is important for the judge to understand that this type of behavior is not indicative of a shy dog or a dog of bad character, but is rather the true nature of the Canaan. 


However, the Canaan is not an aggressive dog by nature and certainly not when he is outside of his own territory.  He should never show any signs of aggression to humans that approach him in the ring in a normal manner, and should be willing to allow himself to be touched.  He also should never display uncontrolled aggressiveness to other dogs.  This type of behavior is definitely undesirable.